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We head to the movies to see Philips Vari-Lite VL3500s Blasting Epic Colour for World War Z Premiere

26th June, 2013

The Fifth Estate speak to renowned lighting designer Tim Routledge about using Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash and Spot Luminaires to deliver a powerful and dramatic backdrop for the World War Z action film premiere after-show concert by Muse, held at London’s Horse Guards Parade.


Epic and apocalyptic, Routledge’s lighting design not only took care of the stage but the buildings and park surrounding the area to create an eerie, experiential evening of atmospheric entertainment for the 15,000 Muse fans attending.


Routledge – who was the lead lighting programmer for the London Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies – specified a massive 100 VL3500 Wash luminaires to wash the full expanse of the Horse Guards Georgian buildings and the audience with intense, bright blasts of colour.


“We positioned the VL3500 washes around the quadrangle, up-lighting the buildings with some of the throws only 2m from the walls,” explains Routledge. “I knew I wanted to create something apocalyptic to reflect the theme of the film. The timescale for putting the show together was tight however the grand nature of the setting could not be ignored and so a wish list of equipment came together. I wanted the VL3500 Wash also as they give me a great audience cover – the result was nothing short of epic!”


“The VL3500 Wash is recognised for its smooth, even washes, intense beam, and wide zoom range, says Martin Palmer, Vari-Lite & Showline Product Manager EMEA. “Internal zoomable beam optics and an interchangeable front lens make the fixture an extremely flexible unit. Not only that the Vari-Brite mode means that, from any zoom position, the fixture delivers a tight column of remarkably intense light. The other great thing is that the VL3500 Wash allows users to operate its single lamp at three different wattages via either a control channel setting or a lamp menu option.”


In addition Routledge utilised eight VL3500 Spot luminaires for key-lighting onstage, and harnessed the power of their ultra-fast strobe mechanisms, 6:1 zoom optics, precision framing shutters, and array of gobos, effects and colours.


The VL3500 Wash and Spot Luminaires were supplied by PRG (Production Resource Group) headed up by account director Mick Healey. Head of production for Live Nation was Steve Nolan of Chromatic with production and site design coordinated and managed by Malcolm Birkett.


World War Z, directed by Marc Forster, is scheduled for general release at the end of June and we will be first in line at the box office!

The Fifth Estate applaud PRG’s Star Role in World War Z Premiere

25th June, 2013


Our mind boggled when we were told of the logistics of this event! However PRG (Production Resource Group) successfully delivered the lighting and rigging for Tim Routledge’s lighting design for Muse at Horse Guards Parade in June, allowing audiences (and Brad Pitt!) to enjoy the show.

The free concert, staged to celebrate the London premiere of the apocalyptic action film ‘World War Z’, saw renowned LD Routledge create a design that reflected the film’s themes in epic style.

In charge of the project for PRG was account director Mick Healey: “Paramount Pictures wanted to create a big splash in London to mark the premiere of ‘WWZ’,” he explains. “Because Muse had written and performed elements of the film’s music score a Muse concert at an iconic site in London was desired, so Paramount spoke to Live Nation and they brought in Steve Nolan. It was Steve that suggested Horse Guards Parade. Steve spent around two weeks getting all the right permissions for the project via meetings with the Police, The Army and No.10 Security. Every detail from truck access through to the safety of the public had to be carefully negotiated, which demanded a significant degree of diplomacy and patience!”

On site the project was split into two major elements. The first entailed lighting the buildings around Horse Guards Parade to create Routledge’s all encompassing, ‘day of reckoning’ world. The second element was the stage and audience lighting, which included the park (behind the stage).

Working alongside a number of other entertainment technology suppliers, the PRG team, led by Mick Healey and senior account manager Kelly Cornfield along with Simon Baker as LX crew chief, ran the gruelling fit-up schedule with military precision. Healey explains: “The main challenge for us was definitely the time constraints. We were given very limited access to Horse Guards Parade prior to the Sunday 2 June event.”

However, despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges, the PRG team successfully realised Routledge’s stunning design. The Z shaped stage was packed with lighting both in the floor and along the edge. An extensive multilayered rig was also built above the stage along with four huge lighting masts, which took care of the audience lighting.

Routledge programmed the show alongside programmer Jonathan Rouse and content specialist Miguel Ribeiro on two WYSIWYG systems, which PRG had installed in an onsite office in the adjacent park.

“PRG put together a team of three key people to make my life easier and give me the confidence of putting the show together in time,” says Routledge. “To gaffer the job, we used Simon Baker and his calm and methodical nature just made the job work – to say the installation was ambitious would be conservative at least. I also had Jonathan Rouse as my second programmer and Miguel Ribiero to manage all the video content and pixel mapping requirements that came in. We had a mixture of content from Paramount and from the band and Miguel ensured all of this was frame synchronous for the whole show.

“It wasn’t a stressful show to do as we had huge backup from Mick Healey at PRG and all the right people onsite – PRG had to react very quickly to changes in extras in the final week as the broadcast elements were finalised adding a number of Liteware LED up lighters, VL2k Wash, Divalights, Parabeams and much more for the red carpet and press areas along with VL3500 Spot and Source 4 for keylighting onstage. PRG also supplied 4 Super Trooper followspots.

“The resulting footage from the show is nothing short of epic.”

World War Z, directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt, is on general release now, and we at The Fifth Estate love it!

We hope to see you there as the First Night Riders Kicks Off This Weekend – Come and Get Involved!

19th June, 2013

The Fifth Estate are revving up to join the First Night Riders charity motorbike and classic car adventure that embarks from London’s Roundhouse this Friday (21 June, 10am) to raise money for The Theatrical Guild’s vital work – and there’s still time for you to get involved.


A host of high profile heroes and heroines are participating in First Night Riders 2013, including film director Vadim Jean, who’ll be riding his Triumph Thunderbird, and director of the Theatres Trust Mhora Samuel, who is taking a ride in the back of Industry PR firm The Fifth Estate’s fabulous Bentley R Type.


More than 14 motorbikes and three classic cars will be travelling over 600 miles to visit a selection of Britain’s most iconic theatres as the route takes them from London to Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and the Midlands from 21 to 24 June. (More details at


“Now is the time to get involved!” says Sarah Rushton-Read from The Fifth Estate. “The aim – in addition to having fun, of course – is to raise as much money as possible to help fund The Theatrical Guild’s incredible support for backstage and FOH workers who are in financial need, eager to be retrained after a period away from the industry, or experiencing severe hardship. This really is a fantastic way for the industry to give something back and assist the people who make the world of theatre happen.”


Rushton-Read is offering rides in her Bentley R-Type along legs of the route (which can be found at or the chance to have your company’s logo displayed on the Bentley as it tours the route and is the focal point for photocalls at the various pitstops at iconic theatres, for a donation to The Theatrical Guild (email


All participants and sponsorship opportunities can be found at


So far, this year’s sponsors include ABTT, Anderson & Co Sweden AB, Anderson & Pennington, AVW Controls, Belmores Solicitors, Blackout, Blitz, Charcoalblue, DSR Industries, DWD Theatre Design, ETC, Flints Theatrical Chandeliers, Haworth Tompkins, Hawthorn, J&C Joel Ltd, PLASA, Rope Assemblies, Rose Brand, Sapsis Rigging, Set-up Scenery, Stage Freight, The Mackintosh Foundation, The Fifth Estate Ltd, Triple E, and Unusual Rigging.


Alan Jacobi, managing director of Unusual Rigging comments: “The Theatrical Guild is one of the oldest charities in our business, supporting both backstage and FOH people without whom we would not have the theatres to work in. Unusual Rigging is delighted to support The First Night Riders in raising money for this very worthwhile cause.”


“We’re enormously grateful to the sponsors who have become an important and integral part of the First Night Riders event, making all the hard work worthwhile by enabling us to really make a difference in people’s lives – the often unsung heroes of the entertainment industry,” says co-organiser David Edelstein. “There are many people still in need of assistance via TTG, and extra funding is vital to help them continue their important work. If you or your company is able to get involved, please get in touch with me asap on”


President of The Theatrical Guild, Phyllida Law says, “We love the First Night Riders and their passion for raising money for our charity. It’s vital that people from our profession make sure that those colleagues who may become vulnerable can be protected and supported. Thank you to everyone who’s getting involved this year!”
We are oiling the Bentley as we type!

The Fifth Estate feel the girl-power as PRG supplies stellar support for Chime for Change superstar line up

19th June, 2013

We join up with International production expert PRG and with Harvey Goldsmith promotions at Twickenham in June as they supply the rigging and lighting for the massive Chime for Change concert headlined by Beyonce and Madonna!


Dubbed a ‘feminist Live Aid’, the production was incredibly complex, featuring a 12 strong line up of big name stars and a 50,000-strong audience to campaign for improved education, health and justice for women around the world.


In charge of the logistics and operations was production director Jim Baggott from promoter Harvey Goldsmith: “I immediately involved PRG because I knew this was going to be an extremely complex and time restricted set up. We needed a company we could rely on 100%. For something like this we would expect eight days to set up and rehearse – but PRG had just 4.5 days to build the stage and put in all the infrastructure before rehearsals, so it was tight!”


With such a limited build time, pre-preparation of kit is key. “The entire truss is marked up, the lights addressed and the looms for each truss are pre-made and marked before it goes on site,” explains PRG Account Director Yvonne Donnelly Smith. “This is absolutely crucial to facilitate a quick and efficient load in.”


All the artists played live with their own bands so a revolve stage was installed for fast turnarounds between the 12 acts enabling one band to set up as the other played. However, it also meant the team had to be able to fly the back wall in and out adding further complexity to the set up.


With the formidable design team of Ray Winkler from Stufish Design creating the set and Le Roy Bennett taking care of the lighting, the show was designed for maximum visual impact both live in the stadium and on screen – TV and live video.


Featuring a backdrop of lightboxes in the shape of the Chime for Change logo and backed by LED screens, the rig had to be flexible enough to cater for each of the artist’s individual looks. LD Bennett had limited programming time on site and so did most of his pre-programming in the PRG WYSIWYG suite at East Molesey.


Donnelly Smith explains: “Troy Eckerman and Harry Forster spent a few days at our WYSWIG facility in East Molesley. Troy is currently on tour with the headline act, Beyonce. We recruited Harry to programme and operate the audience lights. Together, during the WYSWIG sessions, they made sure there was show content for all of the acts performing on the show. There wasn’t any programming time on site and, as it was a live show, this became a really important part of the show preparation.”


Also performing were Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch, Freida Pinto, Blake Lively, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jennifer Lopez. However the event also included the boys, as Justin Timbaland, James Franco, and John Legend joined the line up.


Martin Locket, Chief Executive of PRG UK, says: “We are proud to say we have a number of fantastic technical teams both out on each project’s site and in the warehouse. They make servicing these multi event weekends possible. All our teams comprise skilled individuals, who can deliver top event servicing regardless of the logistical or environmental challenges they face. From riggers to production managers, designers and programmers to technicians PRG is proud to say we have some of the best talent in the world working on our behalf.”

WOW. That is all we can say.

Another international jaunt as we check out Philips Vari-Lite VLXs at the Samsung Launch in South Africa

18th June, 2013

Never mind the phones, the Fifth Estate couldn’t stop looking at the lighting! Philips Vari-Lite’s bright and powerful LED VLX Wash luminaires have been used to deliver ‘breathtaking’ lighting to celebrate the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone in Johannesburg.

Event production manager Victor Vermaak and lighting designer Renaldo Van Den Bergfrom AV Unlimited (AVU) specified 12 of Vari-Lite’s 14,000 lumens output VLX luminaires for the spectacular show at the city’s Sandton Convention Centre, which was attended by more than 2,500 guests.

The VLX Wash luminaire incorporates the most attractive benefits of LED lighting technology with the product quality and design ingenuity only found in Philips Vari-Lite automated luminaires. The internal beam homogenization system creates smooth colour mixing that is natural and free of any “colour shadowing” effects. With stunning colours, powerful intensity, a multi-year source life, low energy consumption and now individual cell control, the VLX Wash luminaire is breaking new ground in LED lighting technology.

“We used the VLXs in the Presentation area to light the Honeycomb roof. We chose them because of their colour richness and punch,” says Vermaak. “The VLXs were used to create colour and mood changes and worked perfectly. The lights were positioned quite a distance from the roof and no other LED wash light in our company would have created what we were looking for over that distance. Plus the awesome zoom capability came in very handy because of the distance the light had to shoot.”

The elaborate event consisted of two parts – a formal conference followed by the party where entertainment included everything from aerial acts to ballerinas in LED tutus. In the centre of the room, a DJ booth featured popular DJs Fresh, Euphonic, Roger Goode and DJ Luis playing to a full dance floor. The rig was symmetrical and although two acts might have been performing simultaneously on either end of the room, each was given a totally unique look.

“For me, the VLX is my lighting weapon of choice,” comments Vermaak. “I don’t do functions without my babies! And I’m currently trying very hard to expand the Vari-Lite range in our company…”

Philips Vari-Lite’s South African dealer DWR Distribution supplied the VLXs luminaires to Vermaak. “The VLX Wash is fast becoming renowned for offering all the benefits of LED technology and the best visual performance characteristics of traditional automated wash luminaires,’ comments Duncan Riley of DWR. “Not only that they deliver stunning colours and intensity plus a long source life and a high level of reliability. What’s not to like?”

Samsung has high hopes for its innovative Galaxy S4, which launched to a dazzling start at the VLX-driven light show party.

Well is the party was anything to go by then the phones will be a huge hit!

Moscow Theatre Invests in Philips Selecon PLCyc1 Luminaires

18th June, 2013

Russia – Moscow’s Teresa Durova Teatrium na Serpukhovke performance venue has invested in Philips Selecon’s powerful, smooth colour changing PLCyc1 luminaires in a major upgrade to its lighting equipment, replacing twelve 1250W asymmetric tungsten cyc floods.

The Theatre’s Head of Lighting, Vladimir Evstifeyev, invested in the PLCyc1s after testing them in the venue in early 2013.

“Vladimir and I were amazed at the PLCyc1’s brightness and homogeneous filling without coloured shadows, and also absence of visual crossings of the light flows from adjacent fixtures,” says Andrey Isotov, Lighting designer at the Maly Theatre. “I was keen to be able to use the latest in LED lighting technology while working on The Scarlet Flower show, and the PLCyc1s do the job perfectly.”

“Each PLCyc1 LED luminaire can replace the equivalent of a traditional four-colour, 500W per circuit cyc light,” explains Alan Luxford, Philips’ Regional Sales Manager, Eastern Europe and Russia. “Also by using the convenient Powercon cabling system, the PLCyc1 can light a typical Cyclorama from a single circuit.”

In fact for optimum performance, the fixture may be used for either top or bottom lighting while spaced on four-foot centres. The PLCyc1 also has an on-board LCD menu system for easy luminaire setup, control, and addressing; plus all PLCyc luminaires support wireless DMX control for instant connections without running any control wiring.

Selecon’s Russian dealer, Sistema, supplied the PLCyc1s as Sistema’s Andrey Kuptsov explains: “We demonstrated PLCyc1 at our workshops in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and in Volgograd. We’ve been busy sending them for testing to other Russian cities under our promo-program ‘Try-and-Buy’ and the feedback is very positive. Due to this, we are now supplying 50 PLCyc1s to the Kachalov Drama Theatre

Cape Town University Theatre Upgrades to Philips Strand Lighting Dimming

18th June, 2013

South Africa – Cape Town University’s The Baxter Theatre has invested in ten Philips Strand Lighting Wallrack Dimmer units as part of a major upgrade to its lighting facilities.

The theatre, which is the second largest performing arts complex in Cape Town (after the Artscape Theatre Centre), purchased 4 x Philips Strand Wallrack Dimmer 24 x 2.5kW, 2 x Philips Strand Wallrack Dimmer 6 x 5kW – 25 Amp, and 4 x Philips Strand Wallrack Dimmer 6 x 2.5kW units from Philips Strand Lighting’s South African dealer DWR Distribution.

“We chose Strand because it is a trusted name in theatre lighting,” commented Patrick Curtis from The Baxter. “The linkage to Philips is a positive development, and added to that with Strand Lighting products we are assured of 100% backup from DWR.”

The Philips Strand Lighting Wallrack is designed for small to medium entertainment and architectural venues, and is convection cooled (no fans) yet extremely compact.

“DWR Distribution has a long association with the Baxter Theatre – I’ve known Patrick for many years and was delighted when he approached us for suggestions to upgrade his dimmers,” says Dave Whitehouse from DWR. “The original Strand dimming installation had provided many years of reliable service so replacement with a more up to date Strand solution immediately put the client at ease.

“Most of the installation was conducted by the in-house electrical department at the University of Cape Town as the Baxter Theatre being part of this establishment. However the house lighting dimmers proved more of a challenge as the original installation did not split the load evenly. Our installation team, headed by Bruce Riley, went in, traced everything and redistributed the load more efficiently to work with the new dimmers. DWR is proud to have contributed to the continuing success of this vital part of South African theatre.”

First Night Riders: It’s Ignition Time for Sponsorship!

18th June, 2013

UK – With only two months to go before the intrepid First Night Riders set off from London’s iconic Roundhouse for a four-day motorbike and classic car tour of some of the UK’s most fabulous theatres, organisers are inviting sponsors to get involved.

The First Night Ride, which is now in its fourth year, aims to raise much-needed funds for The Theatrical Guild (TTG), a unique charity which offers support, help and advice to people working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

The previous three rides have raised more than £30,000 for The Theatrical Guild’s amazing work via a network of industry sponsors which has enabled the charity to support a variety of people (to respect the privacy of those that ask for help all information is confidential. Therefore, the below quotes are revealed anonymously) including:

‘The Theatrical Guild gave me £350 to purchase a new cooker. I had been going through a difficult time when I made the application and was very anxious and embarrassed about making that first move. I had no need to worry. I was made to feel very comfortable, I felt like I was understood and the support offered was non judgemental. I am extremely grateful for the help’ – Stage Door Keeper, London

‘Thank you sincerely for the grant towards my living costs … which will be used for food, clothing, and phone calls to pursue the documents required to start living a normal life again’ – FOH Attendant, Liverpool

‘I finished college last week. It was such a great course and I feel so grateful that with your support I was able to do it. I learned so much and now feel motivated and more confident’ – Wardrobe Mistress, Manchester

Sponsors of the 2013 event include theatre consultants, Blitz Communications, PLASA, the Association of British Theatre Technicians, The Fifth Estate Ltd, Flint Hire and Supply, and Triple E.

“We’re enormously grateful to the sponsors who have become an important and integral part of the First Night Riders event, making all the hard work worthwhile by enabling us to really make a difference in people’s lives – the often unsung heroes of the entertainment industry,” says co-organiser David Edelstein. “There are many people still in need of assistance via The Theatrical Guild, and extra funding is vital to help them continue their important work. If you or your company is able to get involved, please get in touch with me asap via Triple E, emailing or +44 (0)1959 570 333.”

This year’s sponsored ride tours Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and the Peak District on motorcycles and in vintage vehicles from Friday 21 to Monday 24 June. Details of this year’s route and entertainment pit stops and for more information, to sponsor, or to register to take part in this exciting event, visit

Philips Exhibits Creative Stage Luminaires at ABTT

18th June, 2013

UK – Philips Entertainment’s four premier brands – Showline, Vari-Lite, Selecon and Strand Lighting – are powering up to exhibit their latest LED luminaires and lighting control products ideal for theatre application at this year’s ABTT (Orange Hall, Old Truman Brewery, Stand 123).

Following its UK debut at PLASA Focus in Leeds, Philips Showline will be stunning visitors with its SL NITRO 510 LED-based strobe, delivering superbright, intense bursts of light and dynamic effects using over 1300 high-powered LEDs. Six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility while unique built in chases aid in creativity and simplicity. With over 68,000 lumens of output, the SL NITRO 510 rivals conventional strobes and retains dynamic looks whether washing a stage or pointing directly at an audience.

Sister company Philips Vari-Lite will be demo’ing the recently released Indy software for the VLX Wash luminaire, which enables individual control of the fixture’s seven 120-watt RGBW LED engines. This facilitates a multitude of stunning looks and original chases to be programmed on the face of the luminaire, further enhancing the creative possibilities of the industry leading LED fixture.

Also on stand is the new PLCyc2 and PLprofile4 LED profile from Selecon. The PLCyc2 offers twin single source RGBW LED chips, which facilitate truly inventive colour mixing for stunning cyc and wash lighting effects. The new PLprofile4 LED luminaire further expands the PL lighting range and combines the same LED source technology with precision optical design. Four high-power, RGBW LED chips deliver endless colour options with exact beam control and pattern projections.

Finally Philips Strand Lighting will be exhibiting the versatile 250ML moving light control console – an evolution of the popular Strand series 200 console. It features four encoders and an LCD display screen for quick and easy automated lighting and LED control making it ideal for smaller productions with a hybrid of lighting instruments.

“The 250ML is already proving itself to be an ideal lighting control solution for schools and colleges, multi purpose venues and smaller theatres,” confirms Amber Tomlin, key account manager for Philips Entertainment UK. “We had a great response from customers and end users in Frankfurt and PLASA Focus and we’re excited to have the console on stand for visitors to experience at ABTT.”

“Philips leads the entertainment lighting industry in the design, development and manufacture of innovative, efficient and versatile theatre, rock and display luminaires,” continues Martin Palmer, Philips Entertainment Product Manager EMEA. “As always we’re delighted to take any opportunity to demonstrate the latest additions to our range of traditional tungsten and cutting edge LED fixtures alongside our ranges of automated luminaries, lighting control and distributed dimming products. It goes without saying that we are looking forward to welcoming old friends and new from the world of lighting to our stand at the ever popular, always convivial ABTT Show.”

ABTT is on 12th & 13th June 2013 at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 6QL.

Avolites Ai Media Server Maps all the Right Moves on Sky’s Got to Dance

18th June, 2013

UK – Avolites Media’s industry-beating server “Ai” has been powering the fast-paced visuals for Sky TV’s popular spring series of Got to Dance. A total of four Ai Server systems, running on Mac Towers, two main and two backup, were supplied to the production by video rental house Creative Technology.

Respected TV lighting and visual media programmer Russ Grubiak – who has worked on a number of high rating shows including the X Factor, Big Brother, and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross – chose to use the powerful Avolites Media Server Ai to manipulate the end visual output for Series 4 of the show, which was created to discover the best dance act in the UK.

“The Ai’s built-in visualiser has been a god send, particularly in television when you are operating from a gallery or position where you can’t always see the stage with your own eyes,” says Grubiak. “Often, the real cameras are offering different shots to what I need to see. The Ai allows me to program entirely from the visualiser for everything, and then simply check for brightness levels from the real cameras.”

Grubiak works closely with visual effects designer Julien Rigal to create content for the production, aiming to give each individual act a unique and distinctive backdrop to complement the action on stage. “Julien and I jointly decided to use the Ai Media Server. As well as being an incredibly creative content designer, Julien is also a computer genius and actually developed some of the 3D Models and wrote some FX patches for the show system.”

In fact, the pair say they rely heavily on the Ai to help them achieve the desired look because every different LED product has it’s own set of characteristics. “Each show also has different challenges,” continues Grubiak. “Ai is great as you have the entire tool kit under the bonnet of the system. You can wire up virtually any configuration to make a creative concept work. Also, even if you are a new user or unsure on how to deliver a specific task, the support of Avolites Media’s Dave Green [co-creator of Ai] and his team is always close at hand and will always offer a solution.”

With the help of Ai, Grubiak and Rigal were able to see the entire TV studio as one giant canvas, utilising Ai’s ability to scale the outputs to compensate for the varying pixel pitches of the different LED fixtures including the large screens, Barco Mi-strip dance floor and edge strip around the set. Ai is equipped to playback to video canvasses up to 8x HD1080 and this was a significant benefit to the production.

“Playing the content back across a wide canvas, using 4k files and the Ai codec has given the system a unique amount of output,” says Grubiak. “The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is simple to use and now that the UV mapping can be addressed via the Ai software itself [using the Canvas Editor Feature], it has cut down time setting up the canvas – this is an invaluable new feature in the V7 software.”

“Overall, Ai is a system that addresses the visuals needs of today yet has massive scope for the future,” concludes Grubiak. “What can actually be delivered in software on Ai has considerably cut down on the amount of hardware onsite such as scalers, mixers, etc that many other systems require.”

Steve Warren, managing director of Avolites Media comments: “It’s great to see the Ai products used on such imaginative and technically challenging shows. Russ and Julien have been very enthusiastic since they first trialled the products. As well as the flexibility of working with a huge canvas, Ai runs “AiM”, a unique CODEC, and projects are progressed efficiently using the powerful Salvation node based engine and Ai’s project based workflow.”

Series four of Got To Dance concluded with Lukas McFarlane winning the prize for his own very distinctive and emotional contemporary dance style.


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