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Video: The Fifth Estate’s Video Dept Catches Up With Mumford & Sons’ LD Ed Warren!

31st July, 2013

The Fifth Estate: We love a good festival here at The Fifth Estate almost as much as we love catching up with those that make it happen. Ed Warren, Lighting designer for hit band Mumford and Sons took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his designs, his Knight of Illumination nomination and making his mum proud. Thanks Ed!

Ed Warren PLAY

5E gets excited as The Knight of Illuminations awards draw near!

30th July, 2013

PHEW, what a busy month! The Fifth Estate have been overwhelmed by KOI nominations this year and we have loved every one of theme! This year there were record nominations for outstanding lighting design however the submissions are now closed, and the build up to the much anticipated glittering London ceremony can finally begin!


KOI organisers are busy sharing images and videos highlighting this year’s nominated lighting designers and shows on both social media ( and the dedicated KOI Video Hub on LSI Online (


London ExCel’s Platinum Suite will host the KOI Awards for the first time this year, kicking off at 18:30 on Sunday 6 October to allow plenty of time for pre-ceremony networking between old friends and colleagues. As is traditional, the Awards coincide with the opening day of PLASA London, which also takes place at ExCel for the first time this year.


The popular awards, organised by The Society of Television & Lighting Design (STLD), The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD), Clay Paky, and Ambersphere Solutions, continues to forge closer ties between the world of lighting design and the lighting industry as a whole and provides a social platform for great lighting design to be recognised and celebrated by the industry. The Awards is sponsored by Osram, Chroma Q, Hawthorn, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat, and XL Video.


“Last year, hundreds of top creative lighting professionals donned their finery and put on their dancing shoes to celebrate the outstanding creative achievements of lighting designers working on productions in the UK,” says Pio Nahum, chief commercial officer for Clay Paky. “With the record number of submissions, we will be showcasing an incredibly high level of talent from all sectors of lighting design at KOI 2013.”


The Awards is embracing a number of other changes to better reflect the diverse talent and applications of the lighting design community. In addition to the Rock sector being renamed ‘Concert Touring & Events’, each sector will now contain a new category as follows: Video Graphic Display (For TV), Video Electronic Content (For Concert Touring And Events) And Projection Design (For Theatre).


“There has been an explosion of truly impressive creativity and artistry within the field of video, and it is now becoming an integrated part of visual design. With this in mind, it was a logical step to include this new category in each of our sectors,” comments Durham Marenghi, KOI Awards coordinator.


An individual panel of industry experts will assess each of the following sector categories:


Television category includes awards for: Drama; Light Entertainment; Small Studio, Events and Video Graphic Display.

Concert Touring And Events (previously Rock) includes awards for: Concert Touring Stage; Concert Touring Arena; Live Events and Video Electronic Content.

Theatre category includes awards for: Dance; Opera; Play; Musicals and Projection Design


Finally the Enrico Caironi Award For Lifetime Recognition will be presented to an individual who has made an outstanding impact on the industry. Previous winners include lighting designer Richard Pilbrow in 2011 and Bryan Leitch in 2012. The category is named in recognition of former Clay Paky commercial director Enrico Caironi (1947 – 2011), whose inspiration and enthusiasm created and subsequently shaped the Knight Of Illumination Awards.


Attending the ceremony is by invite only. More information can be found at the KOI 2013 website  –


Smooth Operator; We take a look at Triple E’s fantastic new ERAIL track for Barnum at Chichester

29th July, 2013

We love it when things go smoothly and it looks like Entertainment equipment engineering specialist Triple E’s robust ERAIL aluminium track is doing just that for  Cameron Mackintosh and Mark Bramble’s exhilarating musical, Barnum, at Chichester.

ERAIL – the compact profile extruded aluminium track, with a comprehensive range of component parts – has been installed at Chichester Festival Theatre’s state of the art temporary 1,400 seat auditorium situated in Oakland’s Park.

“Triple E’s ERAIL system is ideal for this project – it has a low profile, it was easy to put together, simple to use, and utterly reliable,” says Barnum’s Production Manager, Chris Boone of Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. “We had limited space in which to hide the track and we wanted it to be discrete.”

Installed as an upper single track with three lower tracks, the rails are used to glide plush red velvet curtains for intimate reveals and entrances. “We needed custom curves in the rail but had a limited budget,” continues Boone. “This is where Triple E’s bespoke service is invaluable. They responded to our needs very quickly and delivered exactly what we needed – the rail is certainly living up to all expectations. I also have a great working relationship with Triple E and am a long-time user of their products.”

Barnum, based on the life of showman P. T. Barnum, combines elements of traditional musical theatre with the spectacle of the circus – it’s energetic and demands speedy scene changes.

The curtains on Triple E’s ERAIL are the only moving theatrical devices in the staging for Barnum, which was built by London-based scenery constructors Souvenir.

“I am delighted that the ERAIL system has worked its magic for this production,” says Triple E’s Managing Director David Edelstein. “It’s also fantastic to see ERAIL in use at such a prestigious venue.”

The temporary ‘Theatre in the Park’ auditorium has been especially designed and built for Festival 2013, while the Festival Theatre is being refurbished.

 Barnum is showing until 31 August 2013, so glide on down and we will see you there!

We see how Avolites Media Ai Infinity 8 Servers Spin Visual magic at Glastonbury’s Arcadia Spider Stage

25th July, 2013

The Fifth Estate head to this years Glasto to check out some giant spiders and Avolites Media’s industry-leading Ai infinity 8 Servers!

The 30ft Spider Stage, constructed by ‘sculpture-based organisation’ Arcadia, featured eight metal legs surrounding a core-like DJ box, all of which were intricately video mapped by Ai Infinity 8 via a mixture of pre-programmed sequences and live-control.

“Video mapping such a complex construction should have been extremely challenging, especially as we were stationed in the round with only one side visible from any viewpoint,” explains Dave Green, technical director at Immersive and head of development at Avolites Media. “However we tackled this using the auto map feature of Ai over VNC from a variety of points around the structure.”

Using the Infinity Ai Infinity Media Server, as well as Avolites’ Sapphire Media and Sapphire Touch platforms, the Immersive team programmed and virtually rehearsed the video animation; lighting looks and laser positions offsite. “It took over two weeks of preparation with the Arcadia team close by with art direction throughout,” continues Green. “Once on-site, with the obvious time restrictions involved setting up at Glastonbury, we managed to intricately map the entire show to the spider construction in under four hours.”

The variety of performances at Arcadia’s Spider Stage demonstrated the powerful flexibility of Ai Infinity 8, not only in terms of the number of elements involved but also in the transition from the pre-programmed segment to the live performance. As soon as the time-code ended, the audio and visual performances switched over to live, with DJs, VJs and LDs taking control of the system. This was no issue for the Ai Media Server, which ensured the switch between pre programmed and live busking was seamless.

Green elaborates: “Once the choreographed show finished it was rave time, and that was all busked live. That’s one of the nice things about our system actually – it’s very good for doing pre-programmed content and it’s also brilliant for taking care of live stuff. A lot of the other systems don’t really have that intuitive live thing going on.”

Ai is designed from the ground up with both pre-sequenced and live control in mind, which enables the operator to seamlessly mix between a time-coded show and an improvised live performance – this was essential on Arcadia.

In addition the Sapphire Media control surface is designed for shows that demand an extremely flexible interface that can be tailored to the show’s requirements, while also showing previews of all of the eight outputs from the system. These outputs can be monitored while operating the show or installing/mapping the structure.

“Each Ai offers eight HD outputs and delivers smooth playback of multilayer 8K media, using the AiM Codec and 32 media layers,” continues Green. “Features include soft-edge blending of multiple projectors, timeline and time-code sequencing, support for 3D displays and remote vertex adjustment. Users can map and warp onto any 3D surface and on moving scenery. Intuitive modular LED support also widens the capability further.”

Steve Warren, managing director for Avolites Media is delighted: “Arcadia demonstrates collaboration at its very best. I feel honoured to be able to work with such creative teams; the artistry produced by Jaz Bhullar on lighting and the video content from Blinkin Lab, Tom Wall, was magical. It’s great to know that the successful realisation of their work was made possible with the efforts of the Avolites Media team, Immersive and Video Illusions. Arcadia’s Pip and Bertie have both been appreciative, supportive and 100% focused on the highest show values. Together we truly delivered the ‘spectacular’ in the Arcadia spectacular.”

I don’t think we would like to find this beast in our bathtub!

The Fifth Estate checks out how Philips Selecon Aureols Provide Discreet Solution at Drury Lane

25th July, 2013

The Fifth Estate check out Philips Selecon’s precise beam Aureol luminaires  at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane as part of their £4million restoration, personally overseen by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Selecon Aureol’s – renowned as the choice for museums and galleries, retail and exhibition display, architectural accent and themed entertainment areas around the world – are providing a discreet solution lighting significant historic artworks in the sympathetic renovations.

Specialist lighting supplier and systems integration company Stage Electrics supplied the Aureol’s to the theatre as part of a wider package of architectural lighting.

“Andrew Lloyd Webber was personally overseeing the works and wanted the public areas of the Rotunda, Royal Staircases and Grand Saloon, all of which were part of the 1810 theatre, returned to their original Regency style,” says Paul Roughton from Stage Electrics. “He therefore required luminaires that could provide a well-hidden solution that was focusable and had shutter


ing to light old artworks that have been hanging in the theatre for many years. The Aureols have been supplied with UV glass to help conserve the paintings from further damage.

“We supplied 14 Aureols in total all in white, 10 of the units were supplied with beamshapers and the remainder were supplied with Snoot Top Hats. There was a mixture of track mount and ceiling rose, the track units have been used to up-light the foyer ceiling, others are up-lighting the underside of the main staircases as you go from lower rotunda to the Grand Saloon bar upstairs. I’m told that Andrew Lloyd Webber is delighted with the outcome, and so am I. Installation-wise they were easy to work with.”

The choice of museums, galleries and leading retailers around the world, the Aureol BeamSpot and Beamshaper are stylish housings for the popular MR 16 range of low voltage lam

ps.  Elegant, simple and safe to use, the Aureol luminaires provide for the use of colour filters, diffusion spreader lenses, anti glare honey comb, snoot and barn door accessories. The Aureol BeamShaper includes a 26°-50° zoom lens and an optional animation motor accessory that can create dynamic movement effects. The Aureol BeamSpot and BeamShaper include individual Allen key lock off on both the pan and tilt focus, while an integral dimmer option offers the ultimate in individual intensity control.

Lord Lloyd Webber unveiled the newly restored rooms to the press on 15 May, telling The Telegraph, “I am a firm believer in the importance of preserving Britain’s a

rchitectural heritage for current and future generations to enjoy. It’s my passion come alive.”

“We are delighted that the Aureol Beamshaper was chosen as the ideal solution to light the historic Theatre Royal, Drury Lane,” says Grant Bales Smith, EMEA sales manager for Philips Entertainment. “This variable beam projection spotlight is the choice of many an architectural professional working in everything from museums and galleries, retail and brand image display to exhibition display, corporate image projection, architectural accent and themed entertainment.”

Philips Selecon has applied its well-respected optics to the design of the luminaire, which endows it with the ability to precisely shape and control the light beam. This enables high impact pattern projection and image movement can also be generated using the animation motor accessory.”

Hmm, maybe we should get some for our office?

Lights! Camera! Action for the Fifth Estate Video dept.

17th July, 2013

5E UK– Finally the summer has arrived…Oh! and so has The Fifth Estates fantastic new video department!

Welcoming Mr Wing our wonderful new video man who, already up to the hilt with filming requests, is showing us things with film that we did not even know were possible!

Oh and did we mention we have an in house composer? Well we have now.

So if you are looking for a simple product/client profile, interview, event cover,  basic promotion or even your very own company music then give us a shout and lets see what we can do for you.

Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Washes and VL3500 Spots are ‘Glastonbury Workhorse Fixtures’ – The Fifth Estate finds out why.

16th July, 2013

Another year another Glastonbury for the Fifth Estate team.  Between scraping mud from our boots and negotiating where the toilets were we managed to check out Philips Vari-Lite’s powerful VL3500 Washes which have once again have provided the backbone of Glastonbury’s famous Pyramid Stage house-lighting rig.


Designed by Andy ‘Fraggle’ Porter and supplied by Neg Earth the rig had to accommodate a plethora of very different artists along with three headline acts, each of which played a single night of the festival, and each to record audiences.


“I knew I needed something powerful and reliable,” comments Andy ‘Fraggle’ Porter. “I also wanted a fixture that I knew was familiar to all the incoming LDs and that would provide the feature set for each of the very different lighting designs they wanted to deliver. Obviously many of the supporting acts are playing in daylight, so we needed something that would cut through on a sunny day! Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash and VL3500 Spots are ideal for this as they are super bright, extremely reliable and robust in all kinds of atmospheric conditions.”


Not only that, with only a few hours of darkness for each designer of the headline acts to plot the night before their show, all lighting kit has to be super reliable. “LDs only get one hit at the stage in the hours of darkness before they play to 135,000 people! Not only that the show is broadcast on TV, nationally and internationally, so it is crucially important that they are working with fixtures that are familiar and that they know will deliver.”


Headline acts on the Pyramid Stage this year included: The Rolling Stones lit by Patrick Woodroffe, Arctic Monkeys lit by Andy Watson and Mumford and Sons lit by Ed Warren. All acts made good use of the fixtures extensive features to convey dynamically different lighting designs on each of the three nights of the festival.


“It’s fantastic to see that the backbone of Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage still comprises the ubiquitous VL3500 Washes and VL3500 Spots,” says Martin Palmer, Vari-Lite and Showline Product Manager, EMEA, for Philips Entertainment. “With output in excess of 70,000 lumens, excellent beam and colour control and the Vari-Brite mode that delivers tight columns of remarkably intense light, it’s no surprise that these luminaires are the workhorse fixture of choice for some many top LDs.”


The VL3500 Wash sets the standard by which all wash lights are measured. Featuring internal zoomable beam optics with either Fresnel or Buxom options, an interchangeable front lens system, and an aperture wheel. The fixture provides CYM colour mixing, variable CTO colour temperature correction, dual five-position colour wheels, a separate dimmer, and an independent dual blade strobe mechanism. Complementing this the Vari-lite VL3500 Spot luminaire features a 6:1 zoom optics and also offers CYM colour mixing, variable CTO colour temperature correction, a six-position colour wheel, two gobo/effects wheels, a shutter and separate dimmer and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms.

Hmm…certainly beats our office lamps.

South Africa here we come! The Fifth Estate heads to Mediatech to see Philips Exhibition of their Creative Stage Luminaires.

15th July, 2013

We do like to travel here at The Fifth Estate and are starting to see  South Africa as our second home.  On one of our international jollies we caught up with  Philips Entertainment’s four premier brands – Selecon, Showline, Strand Lighting and Vari-Lite  at this years Mediatech advanced technology show Africa (The Coca-Cola Dome, Northgate, Johannesburg, South Africa, 17th – 19th July 2013.)

Taking pride of place and following its popular debut earlier in the year at Frankfurt ProLight and Sound, Philips Showline will be stunning show visitors with its SL NITRO 510 LED strobe. The fixture delivers super bright, intense bursts of light and dynamic effects using over 1300 high-powered LEDs. Not only that, continuous on operation along with six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility while unique built in chases aid in creativity and simplicity.

With over 68,000 lumens of output, the SL NITRO 510 rivals conventional strobes and retains dynamic looks whether washing a stage or pointing directly at an audience. Additionally several other Showline products will be on display including the SL BAR 660, SL BAND 300, SL PAR 150 ZOOM and more.

Sister company Philips Vari-Lite will be demo’ing the recently released Indy software for the VLX Wash luminaire, which enables individual control of the fixture’s seven 120-watt RGBW LED engines. This facilitates a multitude of stunning looks and original chases to be programmed on the face of the luminaire, further enhancing the creative possibilities of the industry leading LED fixture. Other Vari-Lite luminaires include the new VL3015LT Spot luminaire which provides an unprecedented 42,000 lumens of output with an unmatched 10:1 zoom optics system and industry standard luminaires such as VL3500 Wash, VL3000 Spot, VL2500 Spot and VL2500 Wash.

Also on stand is the new PLCyc2 and PLprofile4 LED profile from Selecon. The PLCyc2 offers twin single source RGBW LED chips, which facilitate truly inventive colour mixing for stunning cyc and wash lighting effects. The new PLprofile4 LED luminaire further expands the PL lighting range and combines the same LED source technology with precision optical design. Four high-power, RGBW LED chips deliver high-brightness colour options with exact beam control and pattern projections. Other Selecon luminaires include Acclaim and Rama Fresnels, Acclaim Axial Zoom Spot, SPX ellipsoidals, and more.

Finally Philips Strand Lighting will be exhibiting the versatile 250ML moving light control console – an evolution of the popular Strand series 200 console. It features four encoders and an LCD display screen for quick and easy automated lighting and LED control making it ideal for smaller productions with a hybrid of lighting instruments. In addition, a Light Palette VL16 console will be alongside the 250ML further demonstrating the complete capabilities of the Strand line of lighting control consoles.

“The 250ML is already proving itself to be an ideal lighting control solution for schools and colleges, multi purpose venues and smaller theatres,” comments Grant Bales Smith, Senior Sales Manager for Philips Entertainment EMEA. “We have had a great response from customers and end users throughout the year at shows including: Frankfurt, PLASA Focus, Showtech and the ABTT show and we’re excited to have the console for visitors to experience at Mediatech.”

Philips Vari-Lite and DWR are also partnering to display a museum of lighting technology at MediaTech. Classic Vari-Lite fixtures and controllers such as the VL2C, VL4, VL5 and more will be on display along with a timeline of Vari-Lite’s continued innovative and industry leading products.

“Philips leads the entertainment lighting industry in the design, development and manufacture of innovative, efficient and versatile theatre, concert and display luminaires,” continues Brad Schiller, Philips Entertainment’s Global Product Marketing Manager. “As always we’re delighted to take any opportunity to demonstrate the latest additions to our range of traditional tungsten and cutting edge LED fixtures alongside our ranges of automated luminaries, lighting control and distributed dimming products. We are looking forward to joining our distributor DWR in demonstrating our product lines to visitors of the Mediatech Show.”

Sun, Sea and fabulous lights- heaven!

The Fifth Estate stays cultured- Philips Museum Beautifully Lit with Philips Selecon and Showline

15th July, 2013

We all know museums can be a little boring, so it was refreshing to find one that really lit us up! The Philips Museum in Eindhoven, Netherlands, showcased the progression of Philips lighting sector on the he historic site where Philips produced the first incandescent lamp in 1891. Lit by A selection of Philips Selecon and Philips Showline luminaires the exhibit really was light to make you look.

Lighting designer George Ashley-Cound of Light Fantastic specified Philips Selecon PLfresnel1, PLprofile1, PLprofile4, Accent beamshapers, Showline SL BAND 300, Showline SL STRIP 400, and Showline SL BAR 520 luminaires for the museum project. The exhibition, which was opened to the public by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, charts Philips’ evolution of Philips from a small incandescent lamp manufacturer into a large and prestigious international group of companies. Since opening in April the museum has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors.

“The PLfresnel1, PLprofile1, PLprofile4s are versatile and precise and all are extremely adaptable for use within theatre, stage and gallery lighting,” says Ashley-Cound. “The Selecon range of lighting blends almost seamlessly with the architecture to illuminate the museum as a permanent show – both the Selecon and Showline luminaires enable creative, energy efficient, and highly engineered solid state lighting. This contrasts beautifully with the old and well-loved, energy hungry, lighting equipment of the last century which is actually on display in the museum.”

“The PLfresnel1, PLprofile1, and PLprofile4 luminaires use the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PLcyc1, PLcyc2, and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX wash luminaire ranges,” continues Grant Bales Smith, Philips Entertainment’s senior sales manager for EMEA. “This has ensured that colour matching is simplified across all luminaires lighting the stage. A key benefit of using these models together is that it’s no longer necessary to change lamps or colour filter. In fact the Selecon fixtures offer superior control and light quality and enable seamless fading between colours allowing designers a new level of creativity.”

In addition the Showline SL BAND 300 is a compact colour mixing luminaire capable of providing a splash of colour wherever needed. With a native 10 degree beam angle and 2000 lumen output, the SL BAND 300 is the designer’s choice for colourful output.

The Showline SL STRIP 400 is a compact and bright linear wash luminaire available in both RGBW and Tunable white models. It accepts a range of standard beam spread accessories to adjust the standard 20 degree beam angle.

The SL BAR 520 offers fantastic creative possibilities through extreme output from multiple blended sources. Each of the unit’s six homogenised cells provides intense output at an 80 degree beam angle. The high output RGBW LED luminaire easily adapts to any production environment as it retains a traditional light source appearance.

“The most wonderful job that a lighting designer could have is to be asked to illuminate the Philips museum,” continues Ashley-Cound. “I feel the choice of lighting offered by Philips really is unrivaled and the huge investment the company has put into developing the LED solid state lighting fixtures has really paid off. The addition of Selecon, Showline, Strand, and Vari-Lite into the Philips family is also a very positive development. The investment has produced a range of lighting that brings the excitement and scenic control of big stage productions into the architectural environment.

“From the bronze sculpture of the lamp girl making the classic GLS lamp at the entrance, along the time-line of history to the rainbow of LEDs lighting the way to the use of light to create healthier futures, it’s clear that light has played a central role in the Philips story and is a strong and vibrant part of the future.”

The Philips Museum tells a story of innovation and ambitious enterprise with a focus on improving people’s lives. It takes pride in the company’s history and enables Philips to exhibit the origins and evolution of the global company with a view to the future.

As Bob Roos, key account manager for Philips Entertainment in Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal concludes: “It seems only natural that entertainment lighting equipment, designed and manufactured by Philips Entertainment brands Selecon and Showline, should illuminate this fascinating museum. With over 170 years of combined experience between the Philips Entertainment brands Strand Lighting, Selecon, Showline, and Vari-lite, we now offer the broadest range of lighting and control solutions for the concert, touring, theatre, TV, film and architectural environments.”

“As a company we are committed to the development of high performance lighting instruments,” continues Brad Schiller product marketing manager for Philips Entertainment. “We’re extremely proud to be part of the story that takes Philips from the first developers of incandescent bulbs to the tools, which today include innovative automated luminaires and compact portable dimmers through to sophisticated, interactive, networked lighting systems.”

We now see museums in a whole new light!

We dance ’til we drop; Avolites and Avolites Media take-over at Glastonbury and get us moving.

15th July, 2013

 Gorgeous, glorious Glastonbury – this year The Fifth Estate caught up with the teams from Avolites and Avolites Media. We were not only blessed with the sunniest festival in years but also the joy of witnessing the proliferation of new Avolites consoles around the site.

Taking pride of place at most front of house positions was either an Avolites ultrafast Sapphire Touch, Tiger Touch, Tiger Touch Pro or Expert Pro. Meanwhile quietly operating backstage Avolites T4 Dimmers kept lighting control running smoothly.

In addition, and increasingly present year on year, Avolites Media’s Ai Media consoles, Infinity 8 and T8 Media Servers delivered stunning visuals and special effects for a number of world class acts at stages including: The Other Stage, Arcadia, Dance and Shangrila.

Glastonbury’s famous Pyramid Stage, where lighting was provided by Neg Earth and was overseen by Andy (Fraggle) Porter saw LD Andy Rowe use an Expert Pro for English singer-songwriter Ben Howard’s set.

Meanwhile Avolites Media’s equipment provided pumping visuals and special effects for Chase and Status on The Other Stage as well as Sub-Focus in Dance Village’s main stage ‘Sonic’.

Creative designers, Immersive, employed Sapphire Media and Infinity 8 to deliver sensory dynamite that garnered a rapturous response from festival goes at Arcadia Stage. Acts included Chase and Status and Fat Boy Slim.

Meanwhile In the Dance Tent Video Illusions made sharp creative use of a T8 and Infinity 8 to video map the roof and at Shangrila Astral Designs put a T8 through its paces.

As is tradition Avolites’ Koy Neminathan and Avolites Media’s Steve Warren supported by their friendly Avolites expert tech teams provided 24/7 hands-on, face-to-face support for many of the acts’ media and lighting designers along with programmers and operators. At the same time they took the opportunity to drop in on old friends and colleagues, make new bonds and generally have a really good time.

Sapphire Touch consoles were also showing off their silky smooth control at Glastonbury’s Circus, Acoustic, Park and Arcadia, controlling lighting for a range of acts from bands to solo artists, circus acts to all night raves.

Avolites festival grandmaster and officianado Steve Warren comments: I’m really proud that Avolites has had such a long and established relationship with Glastonbury Festival – it’s very close to my heart. Over the years we have seen huge developments in technology and of course the introduction of Avolites Media severs and consoles. Year on year their presence increases. Not only that many in our tech support team have grown up in this industry on a diet of festivals and live events.

“Naturally they have come to understand the demands and challenges of working outdoors, sometimes in testing conditions with short turn around between acts and increasing technological demands. We pride ourselves on being able to provide robust, intuitive, easy to use products that enable designers to realise their visions and for programmers to bring them to life on stage reliably and quickly. We are as committed to this mission today as we ever were and promise to remain so for a long time to come.”

Hmm yes Steve, the consoles were fabulous almost as impressive as your dance moves!



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