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Avolites Media celebrates summer of spectacular Ai Visuals at Ibiza superclub BOOOM!

18th November, 2013

Ibiza – Over the summer there was one major story dominating the Ibiza headlines: the launch of the island’s hi spec new superclub, BOOOM!, featuring a custom made Pioneer Sound System and visuals powered by Avolites Media’s ultra high spec Ai Media Server.

The Ai Media Server is being used to feed multiple surface projections and LED screens around the club, providing an integral part of the BOOOM!’s ‘world class clubbing experience’.

Production Manager for the BOOOM! project was Dave Singleton from The Shop Ibiza.

“I specifically asked Steve Warren from Avolites Media to get involved as I’d worked with him and the Ai Media Server before,” explains Singleton. “I knew it was the only piece of kit that could provide us with the flexibility and sheer power to meet our demanding visual needs. Our single Ai is running an incredible amount of information from under its hood including the in-house screen, projections, video-mapped content to numerous surfaces, and LED screens throughout the club. We’ve programmed our Ai so we can manipulate different visual feeds from the same output without the need for loads of separate servers, which is saving us time, money, and hassle – I continue to be amazed at how clever Ai actually is.”

Singleton highlights the fact that big clubs don’t open that often in Ibiza, and the concept for BOOOM! is a nightclub aimed at a customer base that enjoys music and appreciates mind-blowing visuals and lighting.

“The hype surrounding BOOOM! is huge,” he continues. “Naturally, this means the expectation to deliver a technically impressive club is also huge. On this occasion we are making no exception but to deliver something awesome. By specifying Avolites Media’s Ai server I’m ensuring that as far as visuals are concerned, we achieve that.”

BOOOM! states its mission is to deliver a venue that is focused on incredible music and DJs. The line-up of DJs has read like a who’s who of top disc spinners, including Sasha, Josh Wink, and Danny Tenaglia.

“BOOOM! is a stunning club and really there is no other Media Server on the market that would have been versatile or powerful enough to achieve this ambitious and media packed project,” says Selvin Cooper, sales engineer for Avolites Media. “There is so much going on concurrently around the club, which ordinarily would have demanded many more servers and a huge level of complex set up and programming. With Ai we have managed to simplify this, and as Dave says, it saved him and his team valuable time and money. Basically, there’s no better solution out there!”

As the season draws to a close, BOOOM! anticipates an even greater season next year. ‘We have had an incredible summer, thank you all for being a part of it!’ the club posted on its Facebook page. ‘See you in 2014.’

Avolites Media Ai Infinity Rocks Out Demanding Visuals for Maroon 5

14th November, 2013


Two customised Avolites Media Ai Infinity servers with 6 HDSDI inputs and 4 DVI outputs have handled extensive HD camera feeds and LED screen visuals for Maroon 5’s US tour.

The American pop/rock band were headlining the 12th annual Honda Civic Tour, alongside support from numerous big name acts including Kelly Clarkson. The 34-date tour visited venues across the US and Canada.

US-based lighting design and media innovators DMD S7UDIOS (DMD) were asked by

Production Designer Demfis Fyssicopulos to provide a solution to feed an ambitious and dynamic show. The event featured LED screens, real-time content, and media files designed and directed by DFDesigns – and the unrivalled power of Avolites Media’s Ai servers was the only choice.

“Ai was chosen for its ability to handle the automated and constantly changing set pieces, changing sizes and ability to have multiple control protocols, inputs, data merging and signal flow including timecode, artnet, and DMX,” says DMD’s Scott Chmielewski. “We were able to custom build the Ai machines to accommodate the extensive HD camera feeds and signal path into one primary machine.  No other box was able to deal with these amounts of HD inputs and outputs. We were able to visualise the automated stage structures in addition to the countless custom patches for thing like custom audio reactive content, real time camera manipulation, self generative content and media and very large media files.”

The award winning, record breaking Ai Infinity server offers 8 unique full HD DVI outputs, each with internal EDID management and production and preview connectors.

“We realised very early that there was simply not another media server out there capable of the type of technical and creative needs that the designer had in mind and the team at Ai was with us every step of the way as we explored several unprecedented challenges,” continues Chmielewski.

Chmielewski worked alongside production designer for the tour, Demfis Fyssicopulos. Rental company Chaos Visual supplied the kit, and content creator was Good Theory.

“Video is a paramount element to my designs,” says Demfis Fyssicopulos. “Having a platform that allows pushing the envelope and breaking outdated norms is the backbone to that element. Ai proved to be the right choice by allowing us to have multiple live inputs, audio reactive real time content, and being completely versatile at its function’s set customisation.”

The tour ran from 1 August to 6 October 2013.

Avolites Media Ai Servers Power XboxOne Launch at Microsoft HQ

12th November, 2013

USA – The eyes of the gaming world were on Microsoft HQ in May for the launch of the eagerly anticipated XboxOne, and the spectacle didn’t disappoint featuring UltraHD media and content powered by Avolites Media AI Infinity servers.

Executive Producer of the event Jack Morton Worldwide worked closely with Production Designer Dierson Design Group and Avolites Media Ai Programmer Scott Chmielewski of DMD S7UDIOS to realise an event aimed at a tech-hungry and tech-savvy audience. Dominating the stage at the launch in Redmond, Washington, were six custom-sized HD projection screens, rigged in a horseshoe alignment behind President of Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft Corporation, Don Mattrick.

Two hi spec Avolites Media Ai Infinity Servers powered visuals designed by film studios, game developers, and Microsoft’s in-house team to 12 stacked 22k projectors.

“Ai was chosen for its ability process and distribute the UltraHD media and content – more than 4k – and to manage the 6 discreet projection feeds and treat it as one large surface, and for its ability to play back multiple layers of content including transparent and alpha channel video content,” says DMD S7UDIOS’ Scott Chmielewski.

“Ai performed flawlessly in this very demanding environment surrounded by the A-List of content and media developers and software engineers for some the top game developers in the world.  We needed a solution that would be fast and reliable.”

In addition to the gathered journalists, gaming enthusiasts and media from around the world watched via live Internet streams.

Using Ai, the DMD S7UDIOS team was able amalgamate visual content from the numerous sources into one singular piece of content.

“Ai was able to seamlessly distribute and separate the content to the multiple surfaces, while keeping each feed in perfect sync,” continues Chmielewski. “Second to that we needed a solution that could also handle live video input capabilities as well as timecode for segments of the show.”

Adding to Microsoft’s created content were EA Sports, Activision, and Jack Morton Worldwide.

The XboxOne console, which features an AMD processor eight times faster than the Xbox 360, launches at the end of November 2013.


Triple E Teams up with Rose Brand at LDI

7th November, 2013
Track systems supremo Triple E will be teaming up with its long-time US distributor Rose Brand to exhibit its array of industry-leading products at LDI Las Vegas this month.

Triple E’s Managing Director David Edelstein and General Manager Scott Foster will be jetting to Sin City armed with Triple E’s Erail, Unitrack, and Unibeam track systems – known for their simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation in entertainment applications.

They will also be demoing Triple E’s track mounted motors SDRIVE and TDRIVE in conjunction with Rose Brand – which has been Triple E’s American distributor for ten years – on LDI Booth #1035 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 22-24 November.

“Together with Rose Brand we’ve been developing the American market for Triple E systems for more than a decade now – and following the introduction of Erail and the SDRIVE motor, business is increasing,” says David Edelstein. “At LDI for the first time will be the new TDRIVE motor for Unitrack and Unibeam. The simple plug and play motors and easy-to-install tracks are appealing to a host of production companies now specifying Triple E’s products Stateside. So, naturally, we’re inviting everyone to visit us on the Rose Brand booth 1035 at LDI to discover what all the fuss is about!”

Rose Brand – which has offices in New Jersey and California – is a leader in production supplies for entertainment, schools, events, exhibitions and houses of worship and carries the majority of Triple E products.

In a recent project, Rose Brand was asked to build and install a unique curtain track system in the lobby of the newly constructed wing of the Chazen Museum of Art at the University of Wisconsin (pictured above left). Rose Brand developed the design to utilise Triple E’s Erail curtain track and EDrive motors. The system needed to retract the curtain into a tight spiral around a lighting fixture that would illuminate the spiralled curtain from within. The system also needed to enable both local and remote control of the drapery from multiple locations within the museum. The combination of ERail and EDrive was chosen for its ability to be customised, potential for tight turning radiuses, and quiet operation.

Triple E will join Rose Brand on booth 1035 at LDI at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 22-24 November.

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