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Philips Vari-Lite delivers ultimate versatility for Childish Gambino

25th September, 2014

US rapper Childish Gambino recently wowed audiences at a one-off 02 Academy Brixton gig, with lighting designer Sarah Landau delivering a stunning show design. In testament to their longevity and robust technology, the design was complemented by the classic yet versatile Philips Vari-Lite VL2000 Spot and VL3000 Wash luminaires.

Landau worked alongside touring lighting director/operator Christian Lincoln to specify 18 VL3000 Wash luminaires and 16 VL2000 Spots. Supplied by Siyan Ltd, the luminaires performed key roles within the design and crucially worked well alongside the extensive visual element.

“Childish Gambino’s show is very theatrical, not a typical rap concert,” explains Landau. “The visual design is focused on projections – four 20K projectors mapped onto an upstage screen, a downstage scrim, side columns, and stage set pieces. The Vari-Lite luminaires illuminated the artists without obstructing or washing out any of the projections, as well as matched their colours and textures to create a cohesive environment onstage.”

For Childish Gambino’s US tour, Landau and Lincoln had originally specified VL3500 Wash luminaires, chosen for their framing capabilities. However because the one-off Brixton show clashed with Reading and Leeds festivals, the team had to use the VL3000 Wash instead.

“The VL3000 Wash luminaires cloned over perfectly and by just editing the fixtures’ pan/tilt we could avoid the projection surfaces,” says Lincoln. “We also love that the VL3000 Wash luminaire’s dimming is extremely consistent regardless of chipset numbers and 0-30% actually exists.”

Six VL3000 Wash luminaires were rigged on a downstage truss, with another six on vertical floor towers to the left and right of the stage, and six on the ground. The VL2000 Spot luminaires were rigged on the upstage trusses, with Lincoln choosing them to match sidelights, work as a wash, and also key light the band with spot lighting during solos.

“Again the dimmer curve allowed me to keep these fixtures at low level but still read on stage and not wash out the video. I also copied over movement and intensity effects from the VL3500 Wash luminaires to the VL2000 Spot luminaires, which was very consistent,” says Lincoln. “Overall, I’m extremely impressed by the versatility of both the VL3000 Wash and VL2000 Spot.  They can be used both subtly for more theatrical moments, aided by the wide zoom, precise colour mixing and dimmer curve, or boldly, in typical rock concert mode, utilising the fast shutters, bright optics, and smooth movements. Childish Gambino’s show incorporates both of these atmospheres in its visual design, so the Vari-Lite luminaires were an easy choice. I’m also impressed by how they are from older product lines and yet are still incredibly adaptable tools.”

Childish Gambino’s tour continues this autumn with dates throughout the USA.

Showline luminaires deliver ‘deep and intense colour’ on A Streetcar Named Desire

23rd September, 2014

Lighting designer Jon Clark has specified Showline’s SL BAR 640 luminaires on account of their ‘impressive’ range of colours and clean aesthetic for Benedict Andrew’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire at The Young Vic, starring Gillian Anderson.

The 1947 Tennessee Williams classic is currently being staged in the round. Clark’s lighting design consists of deliberate, uniform systems, which are used to continually re-inform the performance space and the entire room.

“The SL BAR 640 luminaires are rigged in two parallel lines on an exposed grid above the main playing space, embedded in a uniformly hung, 88 Par Can toplight,” says Clark. “Often the aesthetic attributes of a unit are almost as significant in an exposed rig as the light it throws, and that was the case with the design of the SL BAR 640 luminaires. Their clean, ordered round lenses sit dynamically within the Par Cans.”

The action takes place on a continually revolving open-plan apartment room, designed by Magda Willi. The set is always in motion, and as such the entire stage area is treated as one environment, which the revolving set inhabits. The challenge was to explore this large voluminous space with light, whilst still giving focus to the revolving object travelling through it. This is where the power and intensity of the SL BAR 640 luminaires came in, with Clark choosing them to colourise not only the stage area but the entire auditorium.

“The SL BAR 640 luminaires allow us to achieve a deep and intense colour saturation of the space,” continues Clark. “The range of colours the units can accurately reproduce is impressive; from dirty, sickly yellows and greens to deeply saturated reds and low frequency blues.”

The SL BAR 640 is a powerful LED linear luminaire offering unprecedented output and exceptional colour clarity. Ideal for any entertainment application, the 4ft luminaire provides stunning output whether used for illumination or direct view purposes. Whether used in place of R40 strips, border-lights, foot-lights, cyc-lights or for exciting animations, the luminaires provide incredible coverage and colour washing abilities.

“It’s fair to say that a large part of the visual aesthetic of the lighting design is defined by the intensity and colourisation that the Showline units deliver,” says Clark. “I’m a big fan of the SL BAR 640, alongside the SL STRIP 400, so much so I’ve specified both luminaires on the upcoming West End production of Made in Dagenham The Musical.”

A Streetcar Named Desire was broadcast live to over 550 UK cinemas and many more worldwide on 16 September as part of National Theatre Live. For more information, visit:

Avolites Tiger Touch II controls play lighting at Invictus Games

23rd September, 2014

A tip top team of Avolites Tiger Touch II consoles were specified by lighting designer Matt Mawdsley for the inaugural Invictus Games held mainly at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London this month.

The Invictus Games is the brainchild of Prince Harry, and took place from 10-14 September. More than 400 competitors from 13 countries participated in the multi-sport event. All of those taking part had fought alongside the UK in recent military campaigns, and had been wounded.

Two Tiger Touch II desks – known for combining maximum power with compact size – were supplied to the Games by Stage Electrics in Bristol. One was stationed in the Copper Box Arena (wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball) and the other in a large temporary multi sport venue within the Here East building (archery, indoor rowing, powerlifting). All venues were covered and broadcast by the BBC.

“The overall requirement was to provide full or complementary Field of Play lighting for three days of competitions in each of the two venues,” says Mawdsley. “I also needed to provide colour, texture, and movement lighting during non competition time. This involved each venue having a moving light rig capable of providing Field of Play coverage and effect lighting.

“I specified a Tiger Touch II desk in each venue because it’s a fantastic hands-on live event desk. It’s one of those consoles that is simple to operate but does everything that an event of this nature requires.”

With 20 submasters separately paged as two banks of 10 and a further 10 macro or executer buttons, the Tiger Touch II enables instant control, harnessing the power of Avolites’ Titan operating system.

Mawdsley chose moving lights due to the fact that access to the fixtures was not possible once the competition flooring and furniture is in place. Each Invictus venue rig was mostly made up of moving wash fixtures for the all important sport lighting plus Martin Mac Viper profiles for custom gobo projection and effects. Both venues also required a large amount of generic audience lighting provided by various 1000w tungsten single and four cell floods.

Mawdsley also specified Avolites ART 2000 24 and 48 way dimmers for the Games, again supplied by Stage Electrics’ Production Manager Mike Jarvis.

“You can’t go wrong with an Avolites dimmer,” says Mawdsley. “Again, a solid robust industry standard dimmer selection.”

Avolites’ ART 2000 Dimmer Racks provide a complete solution to dimming and moving light power distribution, with no need to have separate mains distribution, making set up times faster and lowering the number of individual components needed.

The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke of Cambridge attended the opening ceremony, along with 6,500 spectators.

Philips Entertainment pulls out all the stops to make PLASA 2014 the best yet

23rd September, 2014

Next month, Philips Entertainment is set to have one of the biggest and most successful PLASA London shows to date, with the launch of brand new luminaires, exciting demos of the latest additions to its three premier brands, Selecon, Strand Lighting, and Vari-Lite along with its product range Showline, exclusive afternoon-tea-with-a-twist press event, party in a super special venue and celebrations for Strand Lighting’s 100th anniversary.

Philips Entertainment will be found on stand L80 at the ExCeL exhibition centre, where members of the Philips team will be chatting to visitors and demo-ing the fantastic new products through interactive daily light shows.

The Philips Vari-Lite VL4000 Spot luminaire will be making its first major UK trade show debut. PLASA visitors will be able to get to grips with all its exciting features, including its high-resolution optics, entirely new colour mixing system and 5:1 zoom covering an amazing 9 to 47 degrees without sacrificing output or clarity.

Only a select few lighting designers have got their hands on the VL4000 Spot so far, with Michael Murnane in the US saying: “It’s amazing the number of colour changes and gobo changes that the VL4000 Spot is capable of and it’s all so fast. The speed of the head is a game-changer in my opinion. I actually think if I got to spend a week with the fixture I could get it to do a lot of things that people haven’t even thought about yet.”

Showline will be unveiling an array of cutting-edge new LED products, the SL BAR 510 and 510N, SL eSTRIP 10 and the SL BEAM 100, which all perform just like traditional luminaires but with the plethora of advantages LED offers.

Both the SL BAR 510 and SL eSTRIP 10 comprise LED cells of homogenized RGBW. The SL BAR 510 delivers flat, even, fully blended washes of colour, whilst the SL eSTRIP 10 emulates the traditional halogen strip light effect, with reduced power consumption, lower heat output and minimal maintenance.

The SL BEAM 100 delivers a bright homogenous beam with three independent zones of control, allowing users to create unique designs on the front of the luminaire and its seven RGBW 15-watt LEDs deliver over 1500 lumens of output and a crisp edged beam. In addition, as with every Showline luminaire, it utilises the Harmonize Color Calibration system. This revolutionary process ensures colour matching not only between luminaires but also between individual pixels.

Philips Selecon will be showing off the RAMA LED Fresnel. Designed for 230v operation, the RAMA LED Fresnel combines the superior control and light quality of a Philips Selecon Fresnel but with added LED advantages. It provides an adjustable cone of light, has a soft edge and is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination.

Very special festivities will also be taking place to celebrate 100 years of Strand Lighting’s innovation, including a cocktail hour at Strand Lighting bar on the Philips Entertainment stand, which will be beautifully lit by vintage Strand Lighting kit.

All are welcome to enjoy exclusive celebratory cocktails and nibbles every day at 5pm, alongside some very special VIP guests. So make sure to join in raising a glass or two to a century of lighting innovation!

In the run up to the show, why not share some photos, stories or memories you may have of Philips Strand Lighting on the 100 years of Strand Lighting Facebook event, which can be found at:

Other exclusive Philips Entertainment events will be happening over the four days, including afternoon tea with a twist (think long island ice tea served from pretty tea pots!) for the press on the Sunday at 3pm, and the much-anticipated Philips party in a soon-to-be-disclosed mystery location on the Tuesday night.

PLASA London takes place between the 5 and 8 of October at the ExCeL exhibition centre, with Philips Entertainment on stand L80.

Avolites EX8 Media Servers power ambitious visuals for Childish Gambino at Brixton

23rd September, 2014

A packed Brixton Academy roared to the visuals of US rapper Childish Gambino’s energetic show as Avolites Media’s Ai Infinity EX8 server pumped out a dynamic and interactive graphic display.

Avolites Media’s Arran Rothwell-Eyre and Robbie Barr, in control of Playback, who toured extensively with Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) in the US in early 2014, manned the Ai kit, which was serving out video files to a 3,000 x 1,000 pixel backdrop at Brixton.

“For this show, we’re running a lot of video files which are projected onto the backdrop, which is higher than HD, and the visuals have to be spot on in collaboration with the music,” says Arran. “The Ai Infinity EX8 has been incredible on the Childish Gambino tour – we’re operating it as you might operate an audio sampler, so we have different pieces of media on the Ai server, and we assign them different pieces of timecode, which means that when a certain time is reached on the timeline, that piece of media is triggered. Robbie is using Ableton to control playback of audio and MIDI control aspects of the show on Ai and for him, it was as easy as controlling any audio device from Ableton.”

All kit for the American leg of the tour was supplied by LMG, with XL Video supplying the London show with equipment including 4 x Barco HD20 projectors and a fibre network to supply the digital signal from the racks to the projectors.

The visuals are luxurious and intricate, ranging from the mansion living room scene – complete with clouds floating by outside the windows – to a forest scene with burning fire. The incidental graphics are when Ai really begins to shine, taking us on a journey through what looks like the inside of a computer, perhaps inside the Internet. All of it is beat perfect.

Chad Taylor, from Childish Gambino’s Mick Management in New York, comments: “When I watch the show it’s like I see something new each time – it unfolds in front of you. The reaction has been great; everyone is surprised at what we’ve achieved.”

Childish Gambino takes the Deep Web Tour back to the US for a handful of dates this autumn.

Avolites Media Ai S8 HD servers pump visuals for Bad Uncles’ huge gig in Germany

23rd September, 2014

An arsenal of three Avolites Media Ai S8 HD media servers have pumped out dazzling visuals for German rock band Böhse Onkelz (Bad Uncles) as they performed on arguably the largest stage ever constructed in Europe.

The iconic rockers performed a reunion gig at the world famous Hockenheimring race track, south of Mannheim, to 200,000 fans. On stage were four 35-metre high LED towers, spanning over one hundred metres, which were perfectly pixel mapped by Ai.

Roland Greil and Thomas Döhring of German visual production company Einstein and Sons supplied and controlled the Ai S8 servers, which were sending out multiple full 1080p HD feeds.

The three servers shared the management of live feed, pre-designed graphic content, IMAG feed, and pre-visualisation. Two further S8 servers were supplied by Einstein and Sons as backup. Lighting and set design was by Jerry Appelt.

“Ai was perfect for this project for a number of reasons – the pre-visualisation is great because you can see the concept beforehand without having the whole kit on site,” says Roland Greil. “This meant that we could show the band what it would look like in reality during our pre-programming sessions, with all the LED surfaces and screens in the right position in the virtual world already.

“We could also merge the outward signal of our pre-visualisation Ai system with our lighting visualisation on MA 3D system, so we had the whole set up with lighting – all 1500 lights and the whole video surface in one virtual screen.”

On site, one Ai server powered the main content to hi-res towers and low-res towers, the second served the IMAGS and the pixel mapping, and the third was a preview server which took care of some of the workload of the other machines, including the images, the hi-res outputs, low-res, and pixel mapping. Two backup servers were also rigged, but were not needed on the night.

“We could have achieved the show with just one server, but on such a scale you want to make sure the latency is as low as possible and the performance is always on a high level because we use up to eight different full HD layers per output,” adds Griel.

Avolites Media’s Arran Rothwell-Eyre assisted the team on site for the first week of pre-production and for six days on site for pre-show set up.

Rothwell-Eyre comments: “In this show we took full advantage of being able to program our own shader code to allow us flexibility and precise control of the effects and processing that we wanted. We also made good use of the visualiser in pre-production, allowing us to combine the video and lighting visualisations, to get a good understanding of what the overall show would be like.”

KOI 2014 is on track for a sparkling celebration of lighting and video design

23rd September, 2014

The seventh Knight of Illumination Awards has once more seen record submissions for the title of outstanding lighting and video design in the sectors of TV, Theatre and Concert Touring and Events. Combined with the fact that industry sponsorship and support for the event is at an all time high, it’s clear that the KOI 2014 will be the most coveted invite of the autumn season.

The KOI Awards, organised by Clay Paky alongside the Society of Television Lighting Designers (STLD), the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) and Ambersphere Solutions, will be held following the first day of the PLASA Show on the evening of Sunday 5th October at London’s fabulous Art Deco Troxy Theatre.

Submissions for each sector are now closed and the shortlist of nominations for each of the sector categories have been agreed by the judging panels as follows:

Theatre Nominations:

Dance: Natasha Katz – The Winter’s Tale, Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House; Paul Keogan – No Man’s Land, English National Ballet at The Barbican;  Ed Yetton – The Little Match Girl, Arthur Pita at DanceEast, Ipswich

Musicals: Jon Clark – American Psycho, The Almeida; Paule Constable – The Light Princess, Lyttelton, National Theatre; Adam Silverman – Urinetown, St. James Theatre.

Opera: Joachim Klein – Bluebeard’s Castle, Oper Frankfurt at Edinburgh Festival Theatre; Ian Scott – Owen Wingrave, Snape Maltings; Mimi Jordan Sherin – Rodelinda, English National Opera at the Coliseum

Plays: Lucy Carter – Emil and the Detectives, Olivier, National Theatre; Tim Lutkin – The Crucible, The Old Vic; Andy Purves – The Believers, The Drum at Theatre Royal Plymouth and touring

Video: David Haneke – The Fall of the House of Usher, Welsh National Opera; Tim Reid – 1984, Nottingham Playhouse and touring; Ethan Wang – Rice, Cloud Gate Theatre Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Sadler’s Wells

TV Nominations:

Entertainment: Oli Richards – Jonathan Ross; Tom Sutherland – Britain’s Got Talent Auditions; Chris Rigby – Alan Carr Chatty Man

Drama: David Higgs – The Escape Artist; Martin Kempton – Not Going Out; Chris Ramage – Emmerdale The Flood

Events: Ben Cracknell – The Olivier Awards; Nigel Catmur – Children In Need Rock; Al Gurdon – Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Small Studio: Dave Evans – The One Show New Studio; Hugh French – Channel 4 News; Lee Allen -Blue Peter.

Graphics: Sam Murphy/Dave Gibson – Bt Sport; Ruben Garcia – Children In Need Rock; Luke Halls Don Giovanni.

Concert Touring Nominations:

Arena: Andy Hurst – Prodigy; Cate Carter – Elbow; Chris Bushell – Arcade Fire

Stage: Jonathan ‘Leggy’ Armstrong – Basement Jaxx; Rob Sinclair – Goldfrapp; Will Potts – Disclosure.

Events: Jonny Milmer – Jaguar; Luc Peumans – Peter Pan; Matt Button – Castrol

Video Graphic Display: Cate Carter, Paul ‘Pablo’ Beckett, and Blue Leach – Elbow; Chris ‘Squib’ Swain, Anna Ginsberg and Adam Young – Bombay Bicycle Club; Gabriel Coutu-Dumont – Justin Timberlake; John Kricfalusi – Miley Cyrus

Sharing in KOI’s determination to forge closer ties between the world of lighting design and the lighting industry as a whole are main sponsors Osram, Hawthorn, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat, and XL Video.

In addition, the lighting indsutry’s support for Knight Of Illumination event has flourished with 2014 seeing the welcome addition of table sponsors from every part of the industry including: AC Entertainment, Avolites, Chauvet, Creative Technology, d3, ETC, Fix8, Gallowglass, Gearsource, Green Hippo, HSL, Martin Professional, Philips Entertainment, Pharos, PLASA, PRG, Rosco, Stage Electrics, TMB, TSL and Wireless Solutions alongside main sponsors: Hawthorn, MA Lighting, Osram, Robert Juliat and XL Video.

This increased level of sponsorship is further testament, if it were necessary, to the popularity and independence of the Knight of Illumination Awards: “Every year for seven years we have looked forward to welcoming lighting professionals from all sectors of the entertainment lighting world to join us in recognising the outstanding creative achievements of lighting, and now video, designers on productions in the UK,” says Pio Nahum, chief commercial officer for Clay Paky. “With such an extraordinarily high standard of submissions we’re expecting to showcase the highest level of talent this year.”

As is tradition, in addition to the TV, Theatre and Concert Touring and Events Awards the Enrico Caironi Award For Lifetime Recognition will be presented to an individual whom the KOI committee feels has made an outstanding impact on the industry. Previous winners include lighting designer Richard Pilbrow in 2011, Bryan Leitch in 2012 and Ian Dow in 2013. The category is named in recognition of former Clay Paky commercial director Enrico Caironi (1947 – 2011), whose inspiration and enthusiasm created and subsequently shaped the Knight Of Illumination Awards.

Attendance at the ceremony is by invite only. More information can be found at the KOI 2014 website:

The Knight Of Illuminations is proudly supported by: The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT); ET Now; Lighting and Sound America; Lighting and Sound International; PLASA; The Theatres Trust and Total Production International.

For more information, visit the KOI website and social media sites at:


Avolites Pixel Mapper makes stars shine bright at Marvel’s Guardians premiere

23rd September, 2014

When it comes to the London premiere of the Marvel superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy, you know you’re going to need a robust, reliable, and feature-rich console to control the lighting: step forward Luke Edwards and his Avolites Tiger Touch II.

Thousands of fans turned up at the capital’s Empire Theatre in Leicester Square to see stars including Vin Diesel arrive on the red carpet and be interviewed on a specially created structure that boasted 20 x LED pixel tracks, amongst other fixtures.

Using the Tiger Touch II’s pixel mapping feature, Edwards – who also works as touring LD for acts such as Gary Numan and Crystal Fighters – programmed a video-like look that wowed the crowds.

“Pixel mapper is a fast and effective way to achieve the ‘wow’ look when the budget doesn’t cover media servers,” says Edwards, who was working on behalf of Limited Edition Events. “It was especially useful in this, as it’s a different way of lighting. I was purely intending to make the lights look good for the camera.”

The Avolites Tiger Touch II is the perfect combination of maximum power and small size – lightweight enough for outdoor events, but offering hands-on control with 20 submasters separately paged as two banks of 10 and a further 10 macro or executer buttons.

The Tiger Touch II harnesses the full power of Avolites’ superbly flexible TITAN operating system, giving you the ability to get a show on with the minimum of pre programming.

“If you have to program on the day with the client, they don’t need to hang around all day. It’s so fast, you can do these events when short on time, even without pre-production,” says Edwards.

The Tiger Touch II is based around a large touch screen with high quality switches, encoders and faders, and the ability to utilise a second outboard screen or touch screen.

Guardians of the Galaxy has grossed a worldwide total of more than $580 million since its release in August.

APEX appoints Main Gear Supply as new Dutch distributor

23rd September, 2014

Belgium-based audio innovator APEX is continuing its expansion in the European market by appointing Main Gear Supply as the company’s distributor for The Netherlands.

The move comes as part of APEX’s strategy to further enhance its European network in response to an increase in demand for its innovative products, which are known for sonic excellence.

“We’re incredibly excited about this deal and working closely with Main Gear Supply as we feel they can do a great job for us and our products in The Netherlands,” says Paul Van Hees, Managing Director at APEX. “GiVa Audiovisual Technologies BVBA, parent company of APEX, is committed to developing new products and building strong partnerships with our distributors so that the market can benefit from our innovations in audio.”

Van Hees formed the relationship with Main Gear Supply’s Managing Director Bob Offenbach and Salesman Huub Hermans at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt earlier this year.

“Bob and Huub immediately understood our products and shared our vision,” Van Hees continues. “They are excited about our audio ranges, and product quality, which makes us very excited about APEX’s future in The Netherlands.”

Main Gear Supply (MGS) is a distributor of professional lighting and audio gear and offers a well-considered range of brands to the Dutch market.

“I’ve worked with APEX products for many years, and they’ve always been reliable with great audio performance,” says Hermans. “I’m incredibly impressed with their speaker management processors and audio levellers, which to me are unique. I’m excited that MGS is now able to offer APEX products into the Dutch market, as we have a range of rental companies in need of top quality audio products.

“Last week we applied APEX’s digital processors to our Next Pro Audio speaker systems and used them on the Rozen Festival in Lottum – everybody was very excited about the overall sound quality.”

Bob Offenbach continues: “We proudly present APEX as the latest addition to Main Gear Supply’s portfolio. With its innovative and reliable products, APEX perfectly suits the philosophy of our company.”

Philips Selecon to showcase latest in LED innovation at PLASA London 2014

23rd September, 2014

Visitors to the PLASA London 2014 show this October are invited to twice daily light shows on the Philips Entertainment stand L80, where they will be able to see Philips Selecon’s latest innovation in LED technology, the RAMA LED Fresnel, in action.

Designed for 230v operation, the RAMA LED Fresnel combines the superior control and light quality of a Philips Selecon Fresnel but with added LED advantages. It provides an adjustable cone of light, has a soft edge and is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination.

A key benefit of the exciting new luminaire is that it is no longer necessary to change lamps and as a 3000K LED source, designers can use colour filters, in a similar way to a tungsten unit. It is also the ideal tool for general stage lighting as it has a smooth dimming curve and offers significant reductions in power consumption over traditional 1/1.2kW Tungsten Halogen luminaires.

The RAMA LED Fresnel has the advantage of requiring only a single channel of control, just like a regular tungsten Fresnel.  Because of the high CRI of the 3000K LED engine, regular lighting gels, diffusers and frosts match exactly in the LED Fresnel against placing those filters in an older tungsten Fresnel.

This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival got to try the Selecon RAMA LED Fresnel first hand, after 14 were installed into C-South venue. “The low power consumption of the RAMA LED Fresnel is fantastic for our temporary space, which is ordinarily a church,” says Owen Horton, theatre manager at C-South. “Plus, they mitigate the need for changing the colour filters, and as they don’t heat up even after heavy usage, we haven’t had to change burned out gels either.”

Visitors to the PLASA show can also enjoy cocktail hour at 5pm each day at the Philips Strand Lighting Bar, celebrating 100 years of innovation from the iconic brand

PLASA London takes place between the 5th and 8th of October 2014 at the ExCeL exhibition centre, with Philips Entertainment on stand L80.


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