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There’s a big difference between brand identity and what defines a brand.  Logo design, business cards, brand colours, website, social media channels and swag are just small elements of a business’s much bigger brand identity.

Branding is about how a business’s stakeholders – staff, customers and suppliers, press, end users and competitors, perceive it and how they are encouraged to connect via a variety of brand touch points.

A strong business brand has a voice and a personality that is as unique and recognisable as any human being. It’s coloured by the way a business tells the story of what it does, how it does it, and why. A recognisable brand has a clear tone of voice that is consistent across all communication channels – social, press, web, newsletters, internal and external communications.

We work with our clients to help define their business’s core values, what they stand for, the key features and benefits of their products or services and what makes them relevant to their customers and end users. We help define their customers and end users, where they source their information and how they find and engage with the products and services they need professionally.

Having built a meaningful brand strategy our graphic designers work with clients to seamlessly merge the businesses brand values with a visual identity to ensure they can tell a clear and consistent brand story, to all stakeholders, across all communication channels.

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