Project Details
To promote the multi-feature VLZ Profile LED fixture into the dance/theatre market, Vari-Lite asked The Fifth Estate to create a campaign around the prestigious Béjart Ballet Lausanne, which had recently invested in twenty of the fixtures.
We planned a joined-up editorial, video, photography and social media campaign to align the VLZ Profile with Béjart Ballet Lausanne. We travelled to Lausanne to shoot a series of films interviewing key stakeholders, including lighting designer Dominique Roman. Their on-camera testimonies endorsed the product in a real-world application. We created a 4.5 minute video clearly outlining the key benefits of the fixtures, along with a suite of shorter videos for social media, each highlighting a feature, such as zoom range, silent operation and framing. We also created a feature article for Light&Sound International (LSI) magazine, a detailed Case Study for the Vari-Lite website, and a Press Release, distributed to our global database of trade press publications.
We achieved raised awareness in key markets and among buyers, rental houses and end users of the feature set and advantages of purchasing and using the VLZ Profiles.
Services:Video, Photography, Social Media, Feature Writing, Press Release, Case Study

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