Quality Vs Quantity

Quality Vs Quantity in Social Media

So you’ve set up all the social media channels for your business, you’ve started posting regularly, images, anecdotes, the occasional Gif here and there. You may have even hired someone to run your social media platforms for you. If you really want to get the best out of social media for your business you have to fully commit your time and efforts. We all know that one person who maybe shares a little bit too much information on their social media accounts . . . But what is too much?

You don’t want to end up driving people away by putting out loads of irrelevant content. Trial and error will help you to fine-tune how you manage your social media, but the general rule of thumb is to produce interesting and engaging content. With analytics tools available, you can see exactly which posts are doing well and use that to create and share content more tailored to your existing followers. In turn you’ll pick up new followers, hopefully resulting in new business. Here are some of the main reasons why and how you should be considering quality over quantity for your social media accounts.

Capture your audience’s attention

A good quality piece of content can go a long way. Social media is meant to be social, so make sure every post is worthy of sharing. Successful posts are usually interactive, inspirational and informative, or with a human interest angle. The more views, likes and shares a post receives, the more likely it is to be seen time and time again. Studies say an effective post would have been seen by one person at least seven times, leaving a long-lasting impression. Capture your audience’s attention, and they will start to rely on your brand.

Build a following and become a thought leader

Making sure the content you’re putting out is compelling from the start is integral to building your initial following. Once you have established your brand and your people as thought leaders in your field, you’ll want to maintain that reputation by continuing to produce high quality content. Your followers will come to trust the content provided, and your brand’s reputation will build. If you spend more effort on posting too often without paying attention to the relevance and reliability of what you’re posting, the quality is likely to decrease – along with your followers.

Make it measurable

We can now measure the quality of our content by looking at how highly ranked it is. If a post is being liked and shared, it is likely that it will appear in search engine results as well as social media.  Including credible backlinks and key words will help others to discover your post. Use search engines as another tool to measure the success of your social media post, by assessing how highly it ranks.

Software platforms such as HubSpot can help businesses identify the kinds of posts that work for their channels and the content that increases business growth. You need to consider what you’re posting: Is it helpful or relevant to your audience? What are your analytics telling you? People no longer have the time to engage with every bit of social media which appears interesting to them, so remember yours must be good quality – and packed with punch.

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