The Future is Visual

What’s more likely to capture your attention on social media these days? A video of a puppy chasing a tennis ball for the very first time? Or a fifteen-page white paper? The internet is overloaded with content, but the time in which we have to engage with it is decreasing.

With social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat taking the reins, it’s becoming more obvious that audiences want to see visuals over words. Social media tools such as ‘Stories’ are becoming more popular, businesses are now able to share with their followers a 15-second insight into their work, office life, client events etc. Videography is fast becoming one of the most easily shareable ways to communicate your message.


Video content is set to represent 74% of web traffic by 2017, set to rise to 80% by 2020
-According to HubSpot

So we’re going to keep this one short…

Here are a few tips for video success on your social platforms:

  • Turn on “autoplay”, so when users scroll through their feeds, your video will start playing automatically, and thus be more likely to draw them in.
  • Try your hand at live videos, which are 3x more likely to be watched than regular videos.
  • Add closed captions to your videos. Many users scroll through their feeds on their mobile devices in places where they may need to keep their phones on silent. Including subtitles will allow them to watch your video in full effect, even if they can’t listen.
  • Plan your social stories ahead of time and remember the best ones have a human element to them, so why not show off your team and what you do?
  • Avoid shakey-hand. You wouldn’t want to put a press release out with a typo, or a piece of marketing collateral with a wonky logo. To ensure professionalism for your videos, try to use a stabilizer or a tripod mount. In return you’ll get better focus from your audience.
  • If the key element to your video is audio, try using an external mic to significantly up the production quality.
  • Shoot for your chosen platform to capture the attention of your chosen audience. According to Facebook, following changes to their News Feed algorithm, live videos are now more successful due to them being featured higher on a page.
  • Consider lighting before you start shooting. Avoid dark environments, backlighting and direct overhead spotlighting, to ensure your videos aren’t grainy or low quality.
  • Most importantly, keep it short and aim to catch attention quickly!

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