The Fifth Estate was commissioned to promote the work of London-based visual technologist RES at the new National Museum of Qatar, within which the team had co-created the world’s largest permanent video projection installation. The mission was clear: to highlight the global collaboration and expertise involved to realise the project, and to further establish RES as the go-to creative tech expert for major visual installations.
The Fifth Estate designed and activated a joined-up PR campaign across digital, social and print channels, leveraging our strong relationships with the entertainment industry press as well as ‘attractions’ publications. Phase one involved a widely distributed press story, detailing the technical, innovative and collaborative aspects of the mammoth project, a case study for use in print/website marketing and long-form editorial creation and placement in leading, relevant titles. Phase two focussed on a social media campaign in two strands: a personal, get-to-know the major players; and promotion of a behind-the-scenes, ‘how it was done’ image-led story, targeting bespoke audiences with strong calls to action to discover more about RES.
Each of the social media posts promoting the project reached approximately 50,000 people, with more than 4,500 engagements combined. A ‘video’ gallery of exclusive photos of the video installation was viewed by 16,500 people. The editorial features were published in Installation magazine, AV magazine and Light&Sound International magazine; the press release was widely published in print and online in all key entertainment technology titles worldwide.
Services:Copywriting, Press, Social Media
Photography: Antonio Pagano

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